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Surgical Loupes


  • Waiting list planner for easier selection of patients for surgery and quicker communication to bookers

  • Complications reporting, M&M meeting

  • List organiser for speciality morning meetings, communicated directly to theatre

  • Paperless research forms and data collection systems for studies

Medical Chart

Theatre Staff

  • Faster, clearer communication from surgeons on acute booking forms and morning list planning meetings

  • Electronic whiteboard, automatically tracking patient progress through theatre

  • Significant reductions in phone calls from registrars making bookings and wards regarding patient whereabouts / status

Medical form with stethoscope

Wards and Management

  • Patient progress viewer, e.g. through OR into recovery, no need to call Theatre

  • Online access to post op notes / instructions immediately following surgery

  • Visibility over surgical demand, ICU bed demand

  • Accurate data source for in-theatre activity

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