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scOPe starts with Op Requests to support surgical request processes for Acute and Elective patients. Surgeon and patient requirements are electronically communicated to Theatre Coordinators and/or Elective Bookers, replacing handwritten forms, phone calls and faxes.


Op Visualisation comes next and includes support for list planning meetings on the day of surgery. In-theatre handwritten whiteboards can be replaced with large screen TV ‘Theatre Panels’. Updated in real-time, these show progress through surgical lists for each OR. A patient progress view, including PACU is also available to wards so they know what’s coming up.


Surgeons use Op Notes to capture audit data and produce operative notes and ward instructions. Op Note integrates with the hospital’s main clinical documents systems to be consistent with existing policies and procedures. Theatre staff can add to the records for a full operation register which feeds the hospital's statutory reporting systems.

Performing Surgery

Complications reporting and support for ‘M&M’ or Team meetings is included in Op Audit. Research and study forms can also be set up for specific consultants or surgical procedures. This includes scored assessment forms with a timeline view so you can track progress over time and against your other patients.

Data on a Touch Pad
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