working for the

 surgical team

scOPe is a peri-operative solution improving key workflows to help make surgical practice improvement easy.

  • better communication between surgeons, administrators, theatre coordinators and wards

  • a more productive theatre

  • surgical audit and research.

Remove Missing Links

‘IT’ is everywhere in today’s hospitals, so why do we still see paper forms being completed by surgeons? scOPe delivers efficiencies by automating key processes that join up the missing links between existing/legacy systems. We support you through the workflows that orchestrate, track, record and analyse surgery.

“I just did post op instructions and audit data in scOPe, there was no typing, only clicking on drop down menus. I timed myself, it was quick and the note is easier for ward staff to read.” - General Surgeon, Canterbuy DHB

  • Waiting list planner for easier selection of patients for surgery and quicker communication to bookers

  • Complications reporting, M&M meeting

  • List organiser for speciality morning meetings, communicated directly to theatre

  • Paperless research forms and data collection systems for studies

Theatre Staff
  • Faster, clearer communication from surgeons on acute booking forms and morning list planning meetings

  • Electronic whiteboard, automatically tracking patient progress through theatre

  • Significant reductions in phone calls from registrars making bookings and wards regarding patient whereabouts / status

Wards & Management

  • Patient progress viewer, e.g. through OR into recovery, no need to call Theatre

  • Online access to post op notes / instructions immediately following surgery

  • Visibility over surgical demand, ICU bed demand

  • Accurate data source for in-theatre activity